Basically my wardrobe for the summer. I want to start documenting this so I can see how my style evolves over the years.

What happens to my old Orgo flashcards when the semester is over? They become makeup pallets, of course.

Someone should invent a way to wax my lawn.

If I have to mow it every 5 days, it just seems pointless to keep cutting it. I wish it was like choosing to shave your body every few days or wax every 6 weeks. Can’t I just go out there with some wax and a giant rag and get it over with? This way, I won’t have to spend 2-3 hours in 110 degrees to stall what will grow back tomorrow.

Miami was a total culture shock. I’m definitely not going back until I’m 21. And I’m definitely not going back with parents.

Never in midwest US will you be eating at an expensive restaurant and be approached by a fat hairy man in a string bikini of the American flag… and his cock falls out. You ruined my dinner, man. Ruined it!

But the beach was happy.