Disregarding my goofy face (I was really excited!), lorikeets are the friendliest birds I have ever met.

Miami was a total culture shock. I’m definitely not going back until I’m 21. And I’m definitely not going back with parents.

Never in midwest US will you be eating at an expensive restaurant and be approached by a fat hairy man in a string bikini of the American flag… and his cock falls out. You ruined my dinner, man. Ruined it!

But the beach was happy.

A little story about the boy on the far left:

His name is Lorenzio. He’s 8 years old but his maturity is far beyond that.

Everyday during Vacation Bible School, while the rest of the children were climbing my arms screaming “Miss! He has more candy than me!” “Miss! Give me crayons!” “Miss! Miss! Miss!”, Lorenzio was behind them picking up the candy wrappers and broken crayons off the grass to throw in the trash.

One day, he saw me struggling to hand out craft supplies to all the kids that were pushing, shoving, stealing, crying, cutting in line, and throwing fits. He pushed past them, and he took half of the supplies out of my hand. I said “No, Lorenzio! You have to wait in line like everybody else!” He replied “No Kristina! I help you!” And he did.

He stood on his toes, threw his hands up and ordered everyone to shut up and form a line (in Mayan). Immediately, they did as he said. Whenever they started to meander or complain, he would again take control of the situation. And everyone would obey.

I was so shocked and amazed that such a little guy could wield so much power over kids twice his age and height. He never asked for any candy at the end, and he never even had time to make his own craft. He just offered to pick up the trash with me.

On the last day of Vacation Bible School, I called Lorenzio to the front of the church and presented him with a soccer ball in front of all the kids. I told him it was for his hard work and his selflessness. He received it graciously and cheesed at all the “oohing” and “aahing” kids in the audience. Sweet little Lorenzio, however, almost missed that ceremony because he had wanted to stay outside and pick up the trash for me. And afterwards, he gave the ball to his baby brother. 

I miss that boy so much. Never in America have I seen a child give everything he had, even if he had nothing to give. The night before we left (a very emotional night), Lorenzio gave me a bracelet. And I haven’t taken it off since.

The other boy in this picture is Leonard- 11 years old. And his sister Karen- 9 years old. They’re my other two favorites, but they’re another story.

If I could be any cartoon character, I’d choose King Julien hands down. Here’s why:

1. Lemurs are boss.

2. He’s the king.

3. He’s a pimp.

4. He knows how to move it.

5. He’s so fucking happy.

6. He’s so fucking cuddly.

7. Lemurs are boss… I mean, look at this beastly creature!lemur!

The Walking Dead

I know it’s weird, but this chicken is totally happy and carefree. I have no idea how he lost his feathers, but he just walks around in the grass eating whatever he wants, no fences, no predators, and a ton of other chicken friends. Sure his friends all have their feathers, but he’s just a special guy (or girl). I was shocked when I first saw him prancing by, but now I realize that he’s just the happy naked chicken that doesn’t give a fuck.

This is so true. I really need to consider this everyday.