I’m writing a letter to James Cameron about a film idea that I want him to produce and direct, but no one else. I have no expectations that this letter will get anywhere, but I am very serious about this idea and I will be so upset if anyone else tries to do this any other way.

I want him to remake a live-action version of The Little Mermaid. Ariana Grande MUST play Ariel- she can sing incredibly, she’s small and adorable, and she has the gorgeous long red hair and big round eyes. Florence and the Machine needs to do the entire score, because Florence Welch knows how to make a song beautiful and powerful without the tension and drama of other movie composers. Then for the songs that Ariel sings (which will not change lyrically or melodically), Ariana and Florence should collaborate to do the songs justice. Flounder and Sebastian and the entire undersea world need to be as realistic as the Avatar world. And Eric’s kingdom needs to be either similar to Spain or Greece, AND Eric MUST have black hair (none of this blonde, English nonsense). The role of Ursula MUST be epic.


The Superior Human?

“The Superior human?” is the first documentary to systematically challenge the common human belief that humans are superior to other life forms. The documentary reveals the absurdity of this belief while exploding human bias.

Featuring Dr Bernard Rollin, Gary Yourofsky Dr Richard Ryder, Dr Steven Best. Narrated by Dr Nick Gylaw.

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