Inside a tidepool

My brother at Whaleshead Beach.

I love how dark the ocean can get. It makes it even more mysterious.

A stream to the ocean at Whaleshead Beach.

Found a great white shark washed up on the beach. It’s so unbelievable seeing such a powerful animal in it’s humblest state. Sadly, he was dead before we could scoot him back into the tide.

Whaleshead Beach on a foggy morning

We found this baby bird laying on his back in the cold wet sand, kicking around like a beetle who can’t get up. It was such a pitiful sight, so we flipped him over. Then we realized that he’s too young to lift his wings. They were too heavy for him to stand or even shimmy forward in the sand.

So we scooted him about 10 feet over into some warmer sand and left. By law, the only thing we could do is call to environmentalists to help. But, their policy is to let the bird die—to let nature take its course. I disagree with the policy whole-heartedly, but it’s all we could do.

That blob of wood is actually a bench. I thought it was so cute, so I had to get a picture. Plus it was a really pretty day.

Miami was a total culture shock. I’m definitely not going back until I’m 21. And I’m definitely not going back with parents.

Never in midwest US will you be eating at an expensive restaurant and be approached by a fat hairy man in a string bikini of the American flag… and his cock falls out. You ruined my dinner, man. Ruined it!

But the beach was happy.



This house is gorgeous- great architecture, pretty landscaping. But personally, I would never live in a house like this even if I had the money. I don’t understand the desire for this kind of lifestyle. What would I do here? Would I wear a silk robe, drink old wine, wear designer sunglasses, and peck away on my latest apple product? I’m sure that appeals to many people, but I couldn’t bear the thought of the homeless, starving people all around the world. Not unless I were to open this mansion like Xavier’s “school for gifted youngsters.”

With the same amount of money, I would choose to live in this bungalow. It’s humble and simple, but it’s adorable. And I would use the rest of my money to help others eat, or heal, or even to build cute bungalows like mine.