I have a recent fascination with mermaid movies.

It started this past spring with The Little Mermaid (the really old animated Disney one with adorable characters like Sebastian and Flounder, and a memorable soundtrack.) Even though I hadn’t seen it since I was about four, I remembered all the words. I was so ridiculously happy to watch it again, although I would kill for hair as thick as Ariel’s…


Then this summer, the new pirates movie came out. They introduced a new character- Serena, the compassionate mermaid. As we were leaving the theater, my brother complained that they shouldn’t have kept cutting to the scenes with the mermaid and the religious guy. Because they were “boring.” Maybe they were too gooey for a boy to watch, but I like Serena. If she wasn’t a mermaid, her story would not have been so amazing.


And a few nights ago, I watched Splash. It’s pretty old, back when Tom Hanks was a no-name. But Madison the mermaid is perfect. Just perfect. To me, she is the most realistic mermaid from Hollywood- she doesn’t speak English, her hair hasn’t been trimmed, she’s true to old legends… Plus, I had no idea that Madison wasn’t a name until this movie. Now I realize that my cousin Madison is really named after the mermaid. That’s pretty neat, I think.


I should really look for more…

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